Christian Science Reading Room: A Community Center for Spiritual Discovery Richardson, Texas
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Welcome to the Christian Science Reading Room

A center for spiritual discovery in the heart of far north Dallas/Richardson/Plano.

[Location and Directions]

Come and browse, explore,
grab a chair and read,
—whatever appeals to you.


Learn about Christian Science

Free Concert and Lecture

Friday, June 17 at 6:00

Sunday, June 19 at 5:30

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Learn to Pray and Heal (A Spiritual Adventure)


       Alex Cook                                Nate Frederick, CS


A place to explore a spiritual approach to healing, relationships, careers, and financial security.
A bookstore with products to help you approach life’s challenges from a healing, spiritual perspective.
A reference library of Bible commentaries, audio and video recordings and online resources--plus thousands of accounts of healing over more than 100 years.


What is Christian Science?








Phone in on Sundays to listen to the service and Wednesdays to hear the testimony meeting